Wednesday, May 12, 2010

eFans launches in UK and Spain

Barcelona, Spain -- 05/12/2010 -- eFans (, a social network for sports fans, today announced the launch of customized sites for two of Europe’s sports-crazed countries: eFans UK and eFans Spain, all with local content and language. For the last two years, eFans has been connecting sports fans from around the globe, allowing them to share news, watch videos and chat about their teams' latest victories. Now, with sites devoted to individual countries, local teams and athletes will be featured as well encouraging more fan interaction amongst individual towns and communities.

From its office in Barcelona, Spain, eFans will be well situated to control the European versions of the website. Founder and CEO Stephan Maric feels that launching eFans sites for Spain and the UK is a crucial expansion of the business because it will include the teams and athletes from these countries that may only be popular on a local level, many of whom have strong fan bases. He adds that the vibrant pro sports activity in smaller cities and towns should not be ignored and represents many potential users and revenues. With the biggest event of all, the FIFA World Cup, just around the corner, eFans hopes these sites will dramatically increase its exposure in these two countries where soccer is king.

In addition, eFans just moved to Sunnyvale to the Plug and Play Tech Center where it will join a community of over 100 Web 2.0 start-ups. Since 2006 the Plug and Play Tech Center has helped new sites like eFans raise in excess of $450 million in venture funding. has become the ultimate place to launch and grow promising new technologies and eFans is counting on its new partnership to take it to the next level.

eFans is the only interactive website that includes all the pro teams and athletes of the world from major franchises like the NY Yankees to now small-town pro teams and clubs and their athletes. eFans exists to connect all pro teams and athletes of the world, big and small, with their fans in a free, online community.

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