Wednesday, March 30, 2011

eFans Launches New Design

Los Angeles, CA -- 03/30/2011 - eFans (, the revolutionary social network for sports fans, is today launching an ambitious new design that will help users have a better experience on its website. eFans is the only social network that connects all the sports fans of the world with their favorite athletes and teams. eFans is currently online in the USA, UK and Spain and plans to launch in Italy and Croatia next month with more than 10 countries coming later this year.

eFans’ new look will now make the experience of interacting with favorite athletes and teams throughout the world even easier, faster and more enriching for those exploring the website. Users can get their latest results, photos, videos, blogs and comments through Live Feed and Spots Feed streaming. The new eFans look will also make it easier for fans to view and upload photos and videos and also create new athlete and team pages, which has always been the central theme of the website. New features such as games and shops will also be available for users when visiting the site. In addition, status posts can now be done on Facebook and Twitter directly from eFans.

eFans logged more than 1,3 million visits in 2010 without any advertising. Once people came to the site, they stayed an average of 14 minutes, which beats the most prominent sports and social networking sites.

In its third year, eFans has made great strides with only a small seed investment. Despite the financial crisis, Founder and CEO Stephan Maric has found innovative ways to improve the website and is greatly encouraged by commitments from several famous sports brands to sponsor ad campaigns.

eFans is the only interactive website that includes all the pro teams and athletes of the world from major franchises like The Los Angeles Lakers and superstars like Leo Messi to small-town pro and amateur teams and clubs and their athletes. eFans exists to connect all the teams and athletes of the world, big and small, with their fans in a free, online community.